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Book Publication

We are welcoming book publish sector in any area of biology, natural sciences and related to sciences, written both in English and Bengali. All our publications are available online. Our customized book publishing solutions provide authors who are accepted into our program with the power of a world-class book publishing, distribution and scientific communities. INNSPUB draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of its authors and colleagues a diverse, knowledgeable, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent and integrity. We are keen to provide authors with the tools they need and an environment in which they can succeed.

We are committed to bringing the best educational materials to the education market. Before we can proceed to publish your text we need to assess its viability both commercially and academically, and we need your help to do this. We require from you some information and some samples of your work. The ‘book proposal form’ form will help you provide this information which will benefit three important parties:

●  The proposal provides some initial direction for the book. It helps you thoroughly think through your project and establish an overview and plan for it.

●  The publisher provides a snapshot of the target market and the competitive books to help gauge the commercial viability of the project.

●  The reviewers provide an overall picture of your book and allow the reviewer to assess your ideas and approach.

If you wish to proceed, you may download a form and send us to Once received it will be reviewed by one of our editors who will contact you soon after receipt.

Download:  Book Proposal Form     Author Guidelines

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