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Evaluation of some biochemical and agronomic parameters of an Ivory Coast forest plant: Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F.

By: N’dodo Boni Clovis Koffi, Sopie Edwige-Salomé Yapo, Koffi Pierre Valery Niaba

Key Words: Nutrient components, Telfairia occidentalis, air-dried, germinate, Transplantation

Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res. 9(6), 26-32, December 2016.

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This study determined the nutrient components in Telfairia occidentalis seeds. The reponses of T. occidentalis seeds to transplantation and germination after drying were also investigated. To this end the rate of humidity, protein, fat, carbohydrate were determined according to the reference methods of AOAC. Besides, a comparison of the seeding of the air-dried seeds and that undried was estimated as well as the effect of the age of plants in tree nursery on the transplantation. The results indicate that T. occidentalis contains approximately 50 % of fat, 27 % of carbohydrate and 14 % of protein. This plant has a rate of fat upper to that of Lagenaria siceraria and Curcumis melo. Besides the big seeds stemming from long fruits germinate better than the small seeds. Furthermore, 97 % of seeds sowed directly germinated when only 50 % of those air-dried germinated. Besides, a transplantation 10 days after levying stress less the plants than a transplantation 25 days after levying. This work showed the nutritional value of T. occidentalis of ivorian forest. Otherwise, the seeds should be sown without drying and transplanted 10 days after emergence.

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