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Genetic parameters for yield and yield components traits of some wheat genotypes grown in newly reclaimed soils

By: Kamal Hassan Ghallab, Abdel Aziz Nasr Sharran, Nesma Abd-El Naser Al-Sayed Shalby

Key Words: Wheat genotypes, Genotypic and Phenotypic variations, Genetic parameters

Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res. 9(4), 1-8, October 2016.

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A field experiment was carried out at the experimental farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, Egypt, during 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons, in order to estimate genetic parameters for yield of 40 wheat genotypes arranged in design of randomized complete block with three replications. Results showed highly significant differences for all the traits among genotypes and genotypes × year interactions. Heading date (95.22 and 93.05), days to maturity (39.92 nd 38.85) and spike density (0.3 and 0.2) exhibited mostly equal values for phenotypic (Vp) and genotypic (Vg) variation, respectively. The estimates of Vpfor other traits were higher than Vg. Both Vp and Vg surpassed the corresponding environmental variance. A wide range of phenotypic (PCV) and genotypic (GCV) coefficients of variation were observed for all the traits. High PCV and moderate GCV were recorded for grains weight spike-1(29.00 and 23.31), grain yield /fed (34.46 and 27.41), number of spikes m-2 (27.06 and 22.84), biological yield (29.76 and 20.28), straw yield (33.91 and 23.18) and harvest index (28.66 and 21.36) respectively. Moderate values of GCV and PCV were recorded for plant height and number of tillers plant-1. Moderate PCV and low GCV was observed for number of grains spike-1. Low values of GCV and PCV were observed for days to maturity, heading date, spike density, spike length, number of spikelets spike-1 and 1000- grain weight. High heritability accompanied with high genetic advance as percentage of mean was observed in case of heading date, plant height (84.7 and 21.16) and 1000-grains weight (80.76 ad 20.90) respectively. But, moderate values of heritability with high genetic advance as percentage of mean were obtained for grain yield, number of spike/m2, grains weight/spike and number of grains/ spike.

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