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Water infiltration equation estimation of fadama soils on the jos plateau

By: UI. Henry, EA. Olowolafe

Key Words: Infiltration equation, Fadama soil, Water infiltration

Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res. 9(4), 16-23, October 2016.

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The aim of this study is to obtain water infiltration equations of Fadama Soils on the Jos Plateau. This could be used to simulate infiltration for these soils when engaging in agricultural activities especially irrigation. Field measurements of infiltration were made using a double ring infiltrometer at three different locations namely Kwang, Pomowl, and Fan-Loh villages all located on the Jos Plateau. Readings were obtained by measuring the water level within the inner ring as the water in the outer ring was kept approximately the same level as that in the inner ring to avoid lateral flow. Repeated readings were taken at 10minutes intervals up to 240minutes in all the locations using a stop watch and measuring tape. The coefficients of determination from the three locations were very high (> 0.9) for Philip’s and Horton’s model equation, this indicates that water infiltration can be simulated there. Whereas, Kostiakov and Modified Kostiakov’s model were very low. The RSME ranking shows Philip’s model to have the highest (4) ranking at all the three locations followed by Kostiakov and Modified Kostiakov’s model, while Horton’s model had the least ranking. The value of E range from -220.64 to 0.96 for the entire study area. Philip’s model with the value of 0.96 gave the closest agreement between the measured and the predicted values, while Kostiakov’s and modified Kostiakov’s model gave the poorest agreement with values of -220.64 and -212.00 respectively. The result from the locations indicates that Philip’s and Hortons models can be used to simulate infiltration for the fadama soils of Kwang, Fan- loh and Pomowl.

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