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Diversity and distribution of land snails (Gastropoda: Mollusca) in the different sites of Balochistan Province, Pakistan

By: Shahab-ud-Din Kakar, Zafarullah, Azmatullah

Key Words: Baluchistan province, Distribution, Diversity, Land snails.

Int. J. Biosci. 16(6), 27-34, June 2020.


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To study the diversity of land-snail fauna in the province of Balochistan, fourteen different sites were surveyed. Five land snail species were found as the Bradybaena similaris, Macrochlamys sequax, Zootecus insularis, Allopeas gracile and Zebrina detrita. Among these, the Zootecus insularis was showed a wide distribution and found in 8 of the total 14 surveyed sites. Followed by Bradybaena similaris and Macrochlamys sequax in 6 and 4 sites respectively in the province. On the other hand, Allopeas gracile and Zebrina detrita was collected from only site 1 but in different areas of the foresaid site which revealed the fact of their extinction in near future if immediate measures have not taken. The current study brought the present status and diversity of the land snail fauna into the pages of scientific record across the province as there is a dearth of reports about the diversity of land snail fauna in diverse provincial sites. Herein, this research offered first and detailed taxonomic description and distribution data of land snails’ fauna occurring in the province. Additionally, it might provide a way to carry out taxonomic studies about land snail fauna in the other provinces of the country.

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| Views 115 |

Diversity and distribution of land snails (Gastropoda: Mollusca) in the different sites of Balochistan Province, Pakistan

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Shahab-ud-Din Kakar, Zafarullah, Azmatullah.
Diversity and distribution of land snails (Gastropoda: Mollusca) in the different sites of Balochistan Province, Pakistan.
Int. J. Biosci. 16(6), 27-34, June 2020.
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