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Drug discovery and development: current practices and future

By: Kanwal Ashiq, Mehwish Qayyum, Rashida Parveen, Mayyda Asif Bajwa, Shafiq Ali Shah, Rana Mohsin Ismail, Sana Ashiq

Key Words: Drug discovery, Drug development, Traditional medicine, Bioinformatics.

Int. J. Biosci. 19(3),31-39, September 2021.


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Drug discovery and development encompasses the entire procedure of recognizing a drug from its discovery phase until its launch to market. The field of drug design discovery and development is a multifaceted, high-risk, high octane, and probably highly illuminating and rewarding venture. The current study aimed to highlight the current practices and future of drug discovery and development.  Various databases, including Scopus, Web of Science, and PubMed, were utilized to search the literature. Natural products are still the first choice of starting material for drug discovery despite recent advances, the rise, and the integral role of combinatorial chemistry in the lead discovery process. Recent analytical and computer technology developments have opened new avenues for processing complex natural products and using their structures to generate new and innovative drugs. In recent times, it has promised biotechnology as a forerunner in the path to the insurrection of human lives. Various products include novel vaccines, diagnostic devices, and new therapeutic strategies, are the achievements of biotechnology in the biomedical domain. Drug discovery is a multidimensional question. It must be evaluated during drug candidates’ selection by several parameters such as safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy. For a drug entity to pass different stages of its development has to go through significant drawbacks and pitfalls.

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Drug discovery and development: current practices and future

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Kanwal Ashiq, Mehwish Qayyum, Rashida Parveen, Mayyda Asif Bajwa, Shafiq Ali Shah, Rana Mohsin Ismail, Sana Ashiq.
Drug discovery and development: current practices and future.
Int. J. Biosci. 19(3),31-39, September 2021.
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