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The effect of body and udder measurements on milk lactose in native goat

By: Yeliz Çakir Sahilli, Murat Çimen

Key Words: Goat, Milk, Lactose, Body, Udder, Measurements

Int. J. Biosci. 10(4), 284-287, April 2017.


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This research was conducted in order to learn the effects of body and udder measurements on milk lactose levels. As a result of analysis of correlation is seen a negative effect of the udder circumference on the lactose content of the milk (r=-0.386; p=0.039).Withers height, which is one of the body measurements, was also positively affected on milk lactose (r=0.426; p=0.021). According to the result of the research, high udder circumference and low withers height is seen as an advantage in order to obtain low lactose-containing milk against lactose into lerance.

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The effect of body and udder measurements on milk lactose in native goat

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Yeliz Çakir Sahilli, Murat Çimen.
The effect of body and udder measurements on milk lactose in native goat.
Int. J. Biosci. 10(4), 284-287, April 2017.
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