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Effect of colchicine (C22H25NO6) in Oryza sativa

By: Md. Saifur Rahman, Golam Kabir, Md. Rubel Hossain, Ummay Salma Pritha, Iffat Jahan Md. Mamunur Rashid Sarkar

Key Words: Karyotype, Oryza sativa, Colchicine, mitotic index, nuclear volume.

Int. J. Biosci. 17(1), 133-140, July 2020.


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Oryza sativa L. is a main cereal crops in Bangladesh. It is cultivated all over the world but mainly in Asia. In This Paper Three Varieties of Oryza Sativa found in Bangladesh; BRR-39, BINA-7 and Shorna were studied cytogenetically. The aim of this study was to determinate the similarities and differences of karyotype and other cytological parameter like nuclear phenotype (mitotic index, nuclear volume and interphase chromosome value) among the three varieties of rice, cytological studies have shown that all the three varieties were found to possess 2n=24 chromosomes. The karyotype formula of BRRI-39, BINA-7 and shorna were respectively Mm + Msm + 4S1m + 3S1sm+ 2S1st + S2sm, Mm + 4S1m + 2S1sm + 4S2m+ S2sm, Mm + 2Msm + 2S1m + 3S1sm + 4S2sm. Karyotype analysis among three varieties shows that BRRI-39 is little difference from BINA-7 and shorna; because of the presence of sub-terminal chromosome in BRRI-39.This show its advanceness. This study reveled that BRRI-39 is advance than other two varieties. Therefore each variety could be characterized on the basis of nuclear phenotype and karyotype analysis.

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Effect of colchicine (C22H25NO6) in Oryza sativa

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Md. Saifur Rahman, Golam Kabir, Md. Rubel Hossain, Ummay Salma Pritha, Iffat Jahan Md. Mamunur Rashid Sarkar.
Effect of colchicine (C22H25NO6) in Oryza sativa.
Int. J. Biosci. 17(1), 133-140, July 2020.
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