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Interrelationships among yield and yield contributing traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

By: Sajid Fiaz, Muhammad Aslam, Fahad Masood Wattoo, Aamir Riaz, Ikram Bashir

Key Words: Chickpea; Genetic variability; Heritability; Grain yield.

Int. J. Biosci. 9(2), 49-57, August 2016.


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Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), being considered as vital protein source throughout the world, is grown widely in Pakistan as a major protein contributor. For better improvement of crop performance, essential knowledge about the genetically controlled yield and yield contributing traits is vital. Therefore, present study was conducted with objective to compare the performance of yield components and further their interrelationships for twenty chickpea genotypes including four varieties. That were evaluated for the existence of genetic variability and to know the interrelationship among yield traits under study during 2013-2014, at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block (RCB) design with three replications. Data were recorded on number of days taken to flowering, number of primary branches plant-1, number of secondary branches plant -1, plant height, number of days taken to maturity, number of pods plant -1, numbers of seed pods-1, total plant weight, Number of grains plant-1, 100- seed weight and grain yield plant-1. The obtained data were analyzed for genetic variability parameters, correlation and path coefficient analysis. Higher values of broad sense heritability estimates were obtained for 100-seed weight (0.977), plant height (0.971), total plant weight (0.971) and number of primary branches plant-1. Genetic advance was higher for plant height (9.054), total plant weight (9.054), number of pods plant-1 (6.414) and 100-seed weight (2.941). The phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was invariably slightly higher than their corresponding genetic coefficient of variation (GCV) due to influence of environment on character expression. Heritability estimates were higher for all characters except number of days taken to maturity and number of grains per plant, which exhibited moderate heritability. Hundred seed weight, plant height, total plant weight and primary branches per plant would be the suitable selection criteria to accomplish better grain yield in chickpea.

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