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Lung morbidity of traffic wardens exposed to chronic vehicular pollution in Lahore, Pakistan

By: SY Shelly, HJ Malik, Z Ali, F Manzoor, ZA Nasir

Key Words: Lung capacity, Spirometery, Traffic Wardens, Vehicular Pollution.

Int. J. Biosci. 14(5), 294-304, May 2019.


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Lahore being a highly populated metropolitan city was selected to monitor the lung capacity of traffic wardens. Vehicular pollution was monitored throughout Lahore at the main vehicular influx and outflow sites in both winters and summers for NO2, CO, PM2.5 and PM10 along with temperature and humidity.Spirometery was conducted on 500 subjects by MDX Spiro Tron. The temperature, humidity, CO and NO2 dioxide levels vary with the change in season whereas the values of PM2.5 and PM10 correlate with each other positively and negatively among the towns and depict dangerously high levels of both the PM concentrations.Moderate effect on lung capacity in 25% of the field duty officersand severe effect in 2.8% of the field duty officers (10 years) followed by 6.8% of the wardens (8 years) was observed. Thus, saying that chronic exposure of vehicular emissions leads to lower lung capacities and higher disease symptoms.

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Lung morbidity of traffic wardens exposed to chronic vehicular pollution in Lahore, Pakistan

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SY Shelly, HJ Malik, Z Ali, F Manzoor, ZA Nasir.
Lung morbidity of traffic wardens exposed to chronic vehicular pollution in Lahore, Pakistan.
Int. J. Biosci. 14(5), 294-304, May 2019.
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