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Assessment of Economically Important Invertebrate Fauna Present in the Coastal Areas of San Pablo, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

By: Jerry Benida Superales, John Ryan Albiso Cabasan, Mary Mae Lemosnero Bayno, Alfredo Jr. Miñoza Bacay

Key Words: Assessment, coastal areas, economically important invertebrate, fauna.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(4), 73-79, April 2016.

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Marine invertebrates play a vital role in the coastal areas and are incremental to prosper job opportunities, food security, and other substantial positive consequences to the environment and to the people in the coastal community. The study was conducted to identify the economically important macro invertebrates present in the shell fishing grounds of Illana Bay particularly in San Pablo, Zamboanga del Sur and determine its species diversity, dominance, and richness. The collection of samples was made during low tide. Shannon diversity and Simpson dominance index formulas were used to treat the data. Results showed that 24 marine invertebrates under the phyla of Mollusca, Echinodermata, and Sipuncula inhabit the areas. Majority of the organisms are mollusks which were thriving on the muddy peats as substrates on the water column and intertidal zone. These organisms are diverse (0.3372) and species dominantly found were Canarium urceus, Anadara antiquata, and Grafarium tumidum. The sediment composition, sea grasses and algae abound in the study sites believed to be the contributory factors to species abundance in the place. Implementation of local policies and shell fishing practices in the coastal areas are soundly observed to resist habitat destruction and invertebrates’ extinction. Diminishing the yield of these organisms would not be possible because traditional shell fishing practice through hand picking and leaving the smaller ones. Local development initiative was in placed to promote economic and ecological benefits for the coastal dwellers and sustainability of these marine resources.

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| Views 752 |
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