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Biodiversity and species composition of Coccinellid beetles (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) from Poonch division, Azad Jammu and Kashmir

By: Alia Hayat, Falak Naz, Muhammad Rafique Khan, Muhammad Ashfaque

Key Words: Biodiversity, Coccinellidae, Evenness, Richness, Poonch division

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(5), 17-28, November 2016.

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Poonch division is located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Poonch division comprises of three districts (Poonch, Sudhnoti, Bagh). This is mainly hilly area with alpine pastures and forest. Ladybird beetles are important due to its predatory nature and play its role in regulating population of important agricultural pest. This study was design to explore its biodiversity in the area. To develop sustainable agriculture pest management programme. For this purpose species diversity abundance, richness and eveness of ladybird beetles were calculated. The ladybird beetles were collected from 29 different localities of this division throughout the season (April to October) from 2009-2011. A total of 47 species under 29 genera belonging to 6 sub-families were identified. Among these, there are 40 species in district Poonch, 32 species in district Sudhnoti and 35 species in district Sudhnoti. Diversity was calculated by using Shannon-Wiener’s and Simpson’s index. Richness was calculated by Margalef’s and Menhinick’s, Indices and evenness was calculated by Shannon-Wiener’ s Equitability Index, Pielou’s index and Nakamuras’s R-I index. The calculated values of diversity indices showed that overall highest diversity (4.873) was obtained from Abbaspur and lowest diversity (1.824) from Singhola of Poonch division. Both these localities are located in district Poonch. In District Bagh highest diversity (4.454) was calculated from Naumanpura and lowest (2.473) from locality Bagh. In district Shudnoti, lowest diversity (2.438) was calculated from Behtran and highest (4.309) from Azad Patan. Other diversity parameters i-e species richness and evenness are almost same in all the three districts. Among the localities, species richness is high (5.316) in Abbaspur and lowest (1.350) in Mang. Species evenness has high value (0.993) in Abbaspur and lowest (0.549) in Singhola. The results showed that Ladybird beetles are well distributed among all three districts of Poonch division. The richness, evenness and abundance were found to be normal in the surveyed area.

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| Views 308 |
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