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Geochemical and isotope study of groundwater of anthropogenic coastal aquifer: Meboudja and Low seybouse Plain, Annaba (Ne Algeria)

By: Boucenna Fatih, Djorfi Saadane, Fenazi Bilal

Key Words: Costal groundwater, NE Algeria, Hydrochemistry, Water isotopes, Salinization, Water age

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 12(3), 226-235, March 2018.

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The coastal plain aquifer of Meboudja and low Seybouse close to Annaba in Algeria (P preciprtation = 700mm/y) is composed of a detrital fluvial Plio-Quaternary basin, bordred by a mountainous relief, the Mediterranean Sea and a marshy area. During recent decades, the urbanization of the plain, the development of the agricultural and industrials activities and the succession of dry years have led to a water-level lowering and groundwater quality degradation. Preliminary results from a geochemical and isotopic (18O, 2H and 3H) study show different origins of groundwater with different geochemical characteristics indicating various possible origins in the acquisition of the mineralization. The degradation of water quality is larger in the most irrigated areas marked by high nitrate contents. The tritium data show a recent groundwater renewal with two different recharge modes: fast recharge due to the infiltration of irrigation water and runoff water, and diffuse recharge by direct infiltration of precipitation.

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Geochemical and isotope study of groundwater of anthropogenic coastal aquifer: Meboudja and Low seybouse Plain, Annaba (Ne Algeria)

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Boucenna Fatih, Djorfi Saadane, Fenazi Bilal.
Geochemical and isotope study of groundwater of anthropogenic coastal aquifer: Meboudja and Low seybouse Plain, Annaba (Ne Algeria).
J. Bio. Env. Sci. 12(3), 226-235, March 2018.
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