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Implications in the rehabilitation of degraded watershed and rangeland in Hazara regions of Pakistan

By: Sultan Muhammad, Kaleem Mehmood, Anwar Ali

Key Words: Rehabilitation, watershed, rangeland, restocking, Impact.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 441-447, July 2016.

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Hazara region is located in the north of Khyber pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Hazara region is one of the most important areas with respect to watershed and rangeland resources. The watershed and rangeland of the upper area of the region are being cleared for cultivation, grazing, fodder, fuel wood, and timber. Removal of vegetation on steep slopes in conjunction with intense monsoon rainfall has aided to massive erosion and landslides, resulting in deterioration of watershed and rangeland resources in particular and environment in general. Keeping in view the above situation, a local organization started support to locals for rehabilitation of environment through plantation of multipurpose tree species. The tree species were first raised in the nurseries and then provided to locals for restocking of deforested range land, watershed and wasteland. The study was arranged to study the impact of these restocking measures on the rehabilitation of degraded watershed and rangeland. The study concluded that local community mostly prefer to plant trees on their farmland or land which belong to individual due to their sole ownership and avoided rangeland and watershed due to communal ownership and interference in the use of these plants later on by the community. The study also indicates the purpose of plantation and fodder was found to be the most important among these due to dependence of the community on livestock. The study concluded that involvement of local community in the management of natural resources and integrating their local requirements are the keys of success for any rehabilitation program.

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