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Isolation and identification of klebsiella pneumonia causal-agent of pneumoniae from urine of childrens in hospitals of Quetta city

By: Deedar Ahmad Khan, Muhammd Kamran Taj, Fazal Ur Rehman, Muhammd Zahid Mustafa, Imran Taj, Ghulam Muhammad, Syed Nasrullah Agha, Zahoor Ahmad, Aziz Ullah, Shabir Ahmed

Key Words: Klebsiella, Pneumoniae, Urine, Childrens, Quetta

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(4), 207-212, October 2016.

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The pneumoniae is worldwide leading factor which cause mortality in children however, in under developing countries the burden of klebsiella pneumoniae is greater in under 5 year age children. Therefore proper and continuously surveillance and appropriate screening tests is necessary for the detection. The samples were collected from children up to 5 years of age affected with pneumoniae and showing main symptoms of pneumoniae. The colonies with morphology suggestive of klebsiella pneumoniae were further confirmed by mac Conkey agar, eosine methylene blue agar, gram staining, different biochemical tests and PCR. Urine samples were analyzed by different techniques in which about 24% samples were positive with klebsiella pneumoniae and 76% were negative. Where sex wise ratio among positive cases has been 11% cases were from female and 13% samples were positive from males. Where age wise distributed as 4% up to six months of age, 5% from six months upto one year, 7% from one year to two year, 6% in three years, 1% in four year and 1% in five year of age. Mostly all used drugs were affective against klebsiella pneumoniae but Sulfhamethoxazole showed (25mm) and Trimethoprim showed (22mm) zone of inhibition whereas some drugs found to be resistant against klebsiella pneumoniae which were Amoxicillin, Vancomycine, Lincomycin, Penicillin, Bacitaricin, Metronedazole and Erythromycin. While confirmation through PCR samples shown clear bands of 176bp of rcs A gene. The parents should have awareness about pneumoniae to protect children from such infectious disease.

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| Views 366 |
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