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Local perceptions of climate change and adaptation strategies in the management of Acacia senegal parks in Niger

By: Elhadji Seybou Djibo, Lawali Sitou, Assoumane Aïchatou, Issoufou Hassane Bil-assanou, Maisharou Abdou, Alzouma Mayaki Zoubeirou

Key Words: Acacia senegal parklands, Climate change, Perceptions, Adaptation strategies, Niger.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 319-328, July 2016.

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Parklands of Acacia senegal play important roles in stabilizing crops production systems and improving the resilience of rural communities in Niger. Population pressure and the effects of climate change strongly impact these parks. It’s in this context that the present study is conducted which aims to analyze the local population perceptions of climate change and to identify the adaptations strategies of farmers for Acacia senegal parklands management. The study is conducted in the three basins of gum Arabic stands of Niger through a semi-structured individual survey in the western basin, and a focus group discuss in the central and eastern basins. Eleven (11) farmers’ perceptions to climate change were identified and 11 adaptations strategies are implemented by producers. These perceptions are mainly summarized as short drought pockets, rising temperature, strong wind velocity, decreasing crops yields, drying up of rivers and loss of biodiversity, etc. dependent on age group and level of vulnerability of producers. Most adults perceive the loss of species in the genus Acacia in the studied territories. This could be justified by their experiences in the exploitation of the Acacia senegal resource. Control of tree felling or green wood cutting and the practice of human managed natural regeneration are the most promising endogenous management measures. The results of this study could be used to develop sustainable management strategies of Acacia senegal parklands with the aim of maximizing the benefits they provide to rural communities.

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