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Multivariate analysis of plant communities of Jhika Gali jogging track of Tehsil Murree, Pakistan through two way indicator species analysis (TWINSPAN)

By: Sohaib Muhammad, Zaheer-Ud-Din Khan

Key Words: Multivariate Analysis, Plant Communities, Tehsil Murree, TWINSPAN.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 194-203, July 2016.

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In order to study the plant community structure of the Jhika Gali of Tehsil Murree, Pakistan, a multivariate approach i.e. Two Way Indicator Species Analysis was used along with this Importance Value Index (IVI) of plant species present in these communities were calculated. Total 71 quadrats were taken, in which 119 plant species belonging to 43 plant families were recorded. Among which one family Adiantaceae represents Pteridophytes, family Coniferae belongs to Gymnosperms, family Poaceae to monocots and rest of the families belong to dicot families. Among which family Asteraceae was found dominant with 20 plant species followed by family Labiatae with 9 plant species, followed by family Polygonaceae having 7 plant species. Six plant species were found in family Rosaceae and two families i.e. Acanthaceae and Papilionaceae contain 5 plant species each. Family Convolvulaceae, Geraniaceae and Ranunculaceae contain 4 plant species each and family Balsaminaceae, Gentianaceae and Umbelliferae contain 3 plant species each followed by family Apocynaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Cupuliferaceae, Oleaceae and Rubiacea contain 2 plant species each. Moreover, rest of the 23 plant families having one plant species each. Moreover, two main groups of plant communities were formed through TWINSPAN, in which group-I represent 19 plant species and group-II is comparatively a larger group having two major plant communities which are having two sub associations each. Plant community-I contain 16 and 45 plant species by both of the subassociations respectively and two sub associations of plant community-II contain 6 and 33 plant species respectively.

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