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Source Specific Quantification and Composition of Municipal Solid Waste at Nomal Valley, District Gilgit, Pakistan

By: Sherullah, Ajaz Ali, Azfar Hussain, Zarmast Khan

Key Words: Solid waste, Commercial waste, Institutional waste, organic waste, plastic waste.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 32-43, February 2016.

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Solid waste menace is a serious concern all over the world. The current study focused upon the source specific quantification and composition of municipal solid waste at Nomal valley district Gilgit. Data was collected through preliminary field survey and sampling. Sample size constitutes 20% of the total sample frame. Purposive sampling technique was adopted for sampling from both commercial and institutional units. Separate polythene bags were used for collecting waste from these units for two weeks. Each week the collected waste was segregated into components on a plastic sheet of area 2.25 m2. After segregation of waste the individual component was weighed to determine its composition. Finally, all the components were added to determine the overall waste quantity for that week. For composition, waste was segregated into various components i.e. food/organic, metal, plastic, rubber, textile, paper, glass/ceramic, sweeping, corrugated cartons and miscellaneous, while quantity was measured in Kilogram. Further data was obtained through informal interviews. Data obtained was analyzed through descriptive statistical techniques. Total 1150 kg of commercial solid waste and 234 kg institutional waste was generated during the two observed weeks. Daily generation rate of commercial and institutional waste recorded was 82.28 Kg and 16.71kg respectively. It was observed that quantity of waste produced in commercial units is much more than those produced by institutional sectors, and plastic waste is most ubiquitous form of waste in both sectors particularly in commercial units that poses a challenge for solid waste management.

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