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Spatial and temporal variability of soil organic matter and its association with the availability of nutrients in ten different agricultural fields

By: Abdul Hameed, Mudassar Asrar, Hidayatullah

Key Words: Soil, Organic matter, Seasons, Locations, Soil depth, Nutrient availability

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(4), 87-101, October 2016.

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The agriculture production in soil system of Pakistan is low due to calcareous and alkaline nature of soil with low organic matter status. The availability of nutrients to crops in this type of soil is a problem. For this purpose, a field study was conducted aiming to monitor fluctuation in soil organic matter for its association with nutrient availability during two years. Soil sampling was performed across four seasons viz February 2009+2010 and August 2009+2010 at two soil depths (0-06 and 06-12 inches) in ten different agricultural fields of district Quetta. The study was based on two factorial arrangements (season and soil depth) with 4 replications. The results showed that soil OM varied significantly (P ≤ 0.05) across season, soil depth and their interaction. Among the locations, higher OM (1.70%) was found in location 9 in first season (Feb.2009) which were decreased linearly upto 4th season (August 2010). In case of soil depth, the upper soil depth revealed higher OM in in all location except in location 5. Location 3 manifested maximum OM (1.37%) followed by 1.35% OM in location 9 but minimum (0.49%) was recorded in location 8 at upper depth. Linear regression analysis indicated that the soil N, P, Fe and Zn concentration were positively and significantly correlated with O.M in each location. From this study, it is concluded that OM is quickly lost from our soil system within short period of two years and positive correlation confirm the link between nutrients availability and soil OM.

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