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The urban rule and its use: case study of Annaba city, Algeria

By: Naziha Laouissi, Abdelhak Acidi, Hassib Rehailia

Key Words: Territory project, Urban rule, Neighborhoods.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 14(1), 221-228, January 2019.

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Urban spaces are continually suffering from innumerable evils caused in particular by an accelerated population explosion, followed by an anarchic and disproportionate urban growth. Indeed, in parallel with the abstract plans imposed to regulate the spaces, circumvention and diversion practices emerge and make them lose their legitimacy. This problematic has led us in the present work to verify the applicability of the urban rule in force in Annaba through case studies at different scales. This allows to enlighten the makers of the urban order to improve the urban production.

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The urban rule and its use: case study of Annaba city, Algeria

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Naziha Laouissi, Abdelhak Acidi, Hassib Rehailia.
The urban rule and its use: case study of Annaba city, Algeria.
J. Bio. Env. Sci. 14(1), 221-228, January 2019.
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