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Volume 4, Number 2, February 2014 – IJAAR

Effect of some abiotic factors on the concentration of β-sitosterol of Prunus Africana (Hook.f.) Kalkman in the tropical forests of Cameroon

Maurice Tchouakionie, Emmanuel Youmbi, Michel Ndoumbe Nkeng, Siméon Fogue Kouam, Marc Lamshôft, Michael Spiteller

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 1-11. (Full Text)

Morpho-agronomic variability and GxE interactions of Manila Hemp (Musa textilis L. Née) genotypes grown in varying agroecozones in Southern Mindanao, Philippines

Florence Zapico, Catherine Hazel Aguilar, Marianita Eroy, Joey Real Marie Barbosa, Deocyth Sarsalejo, Sittie Rokaiya Banisil

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 12-20. (Full Text)

Proximate composition and some physical attributes of three mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit varieties

S.T.Ubwa, M.O.Ishu, J.O.Offem, R.L.Tyohemba, G.O.Igbum

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 21-29. (Full Text)

Role of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and L-tryptophan on improvement of growth, nutrient availability and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum) under salt stress

Tamoor-ul-Hassan, Asghari Bano

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 30-39. (Full Text)

Impact of the creation of a plantation of banana serves on the flora of Niagaramadougou in the north of Côte d'Ivoire

Kouassi Kouadio Henri, Kouassi Roland Hervé, Kouassi N’dri Jacob, N’Guessan Koffi

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 40-48. (Full Text)

Chemical composition of essential oils of three Pistacia cultivars in Khorasan Razavi, Iran

Rahele Zhiani, Marjan Moradi, Fatemeh Abedi

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 49-53. (Full Text)

Effect of organic fertilizers on apparent nitrogen utilization and yield of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) as influenced by fertilizer timing

Paul Kinoti Nganga, Katrin Meriel Jezik

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 54-61. (Full Text)

Effects of grazed exclosure on some of nutrient elements of aerial and underground organs of Artemisia sieberi , Stipa hohenacheriana and Salsola rigida

Maryam Saffariha, Hossein Azarnivand, Ali Tavili

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(2), 62-70. (Full Text)

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