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Volume 7, Number 5, November 2015 – JBES

Ecological prevalence of the weed species growing in maize and sugarcane fields of district Mardan Pakistan

Sahib Gul Afridi, Shumaila Sultan, Zahid Ali Butt, Habib Ahmad

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 1-7. (Full Text)

Public health implications of heavy metal contamination of plants growing in the lead- zinc mining area of Ishiagu, Nigeria

Chidi Enyinnaya Ogbonna, Fred Chibuisi Otuu, Ositadinma Chinyere Ugbogu, Victor OluohaNwaugo, Eziuche Amadike Ugbogu

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 8-18. (Full Text)

Comparative analysis of benzo(a)pyrene accumulative ability in the organs of aquatic organisms living at the coastal zone of Northern and Central Caspian Sea areas of Kazakhstan

Zh. Kenzhin

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 19-26. (Full Text)

Comparative Analysis of Olfactory Learning of Two Exotic Species (Apiscerana F) and (Apismellifera carnica) Under Laboratory Conditions in Iran

Shakib Vaziritabar, Assadolah Aghamirkarimi, Sayed Mehdi Esmaeilzade

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 27-41. (Full Text)

Effect of temperature on the Biology of Harmonia Dimidiata FAB. (COLEOPTERA: COCCINELLIDAE) Reared on scizaphus graminum (ROND.) Aphid

Javed Khan, Ehsan ul Haq, Abdul Rehman

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 42-49. (Full Text)

Evaluation of Antifungal activity of Allyl isothiocyanate against Rhizopusstolonifer

Farborz Zare Nahandi, Saeedeh Alizadeh-Salteh

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 50-58. (Full Text)

The study of industrial town refinery sludge effects on Festuca arundinacea SCHREB growth and phytoremediation capacity

M. Mahmoodzadeh, A. Tehrani-Far, A. Fotovat, M. Shoor, F. Kazemi

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 59-68. (Full Text)

Species diversity of Odonata in Bega watershed, Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Keren Jollia M. Nuñeza, Olga M. Nuñeza, Reagan Joseph T. Villanueva

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 69-82. (Full Text)

Phytoextraction potential of three endogenous Amaranthaceae species grown on the Akouédo landfill (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire)

Messou Aman, Ouattara Pétémanagnan Jean-Marie, Kone Tiangoua, Alangba Sroboa Charles, Coulibaly Lacina

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 83-95. (Full Text)

Effects of water stress on: mycorrhizal root colonization, chlorophyll pigment, number of spore, mycorrhizal dependency and nodules of two mycorrhizal leguminous plants (Tephrosia vogelii and Vigna subterranea) at an early stage of growth

Tsoata Esaïe, Njock Siméon Raphaël, Youmbi Emmanuel, Nwaga Dieudonné

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 96-108. (Full Text)

Population Analysis via Fluctuating Asymmetry in the wings of Culex quinquefasciatus Say from selected breeding sites in Iligan City, Philippines

Solaiman M. Tataro, Sharon Rose M. Tabugo

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 109-118. (Full Text)

Riparian, channel and environment (RCE) inventory, species composition and vegetation analysis of the streams in tubay, agusan del norte, Philippines

Dawn Rosarie M. Fajardo, Jess H. Jumawan

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 119-127. (Full Text)

Soil and water loss from natural and cultivated slopes in Dharabi watershed

Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal, Ghulam Jilani, Akhtar Ali, Safdar Ali, Muhammad Ansar, Irfan Aziz, Muhammad Rafiq Sajjad

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 128-135. (Full Text)

Cyanobacteria from ashallow Reservoir in Côte d’Ivoire

Blé Alexis Tardy Kouassi, Marie Paulette Adon, Koffi Komoé, Allassane Ouattara

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 136-149. (Full Text)

The effect of Non-Thermal Plasma to control of stored product pests and changes in some characters of wheat materials

Shahrzad Mohammadi, SohrabImani, Davoud Dorranian, Siavash Tirgari, Mahmoud Shojaee

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 150-156. (Full Text)

Sulfonylureas effect on soil chemical properties and yield crop in semi-arid region of Algeria

Souahi Hana, Meksem Amara Leila, Meksem Nabila, MaalemSouhail, Djebar Mohamed Reda

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 157-167. (Full Text)

Allelic variation of glutenin and gliadin genes in Iranian Einkorn wheat

Jafar Ahmadi, Alireza Pour-Aboughadareh

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 168-179. (Full Text)

Distribution and indigenous use pattern of Quercus species in malam jabba valley swat

Mian Sayed Bahar, Muhammad Ullah, Haidar Ali, Ayaz Ahmad, Amin Ullah Jan

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 180-189. (Full Text)

Diversity of Spiders along an Elevational Gradient in Mt.Pinukis, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Jeda A. Lalisan, Aimee Lynn B. Dupo, Olga M. Nuňeza

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 190-201. (Full Text)

Exploring and evaluating health, safety and environment conditions of oil industry staff in Southern Pars special economic energy zone as a result of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry development

Maryam Bigharaz, Ziaeddin Almassi, Mahnaz Nasrabadi

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 202-213. (Full Text)

Electrochemical treatment method in paper recycling industry effluent

Somayeh Soltani Paraftabi, Mahnaz Nasrabadi, Shademan Pourmousa

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 214-219. (Full Text)

Evaluating family conflicts in Ardebil (Iran) with a comparative approach toward downtown and suburban areas

Darvishi Youssef, Panahi Gorban

Bio. Env. Sci. 7(5), 220-225. (Full Text)

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