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Assessment of seed quality of pea (Pisum sativum L.) influenced by different storage containers at different storage periods

By: N. Muhammad, M. M. Islam, M. R. Reza, M. A. I. Talukder, M. S. Forid, A. T. M. S. Islam

Key Words: Assessment, Seed quality, Pea seeds, Storage containers, Storage periods.

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 9(1), 148-157, July 2016.

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Three types of containers and four storage periods were used as experimental treatments. The experiment was laid out by Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with four replications. Seed quality factors viz., moisture content, germination percentage, vigor index, percentage of abnormal seedling, normal seedlings and dead seed were recorded every 15 days interval. The initial moisture content of seed in plastic container, poly bag, and gunny bag were 9.25%, 9.22% and 10.33%, respectively, but it was increased with increasing storage time after 60 days (10.00%, 10.6% and 14.00%). The germination percentage was higher at 15 days after storage (DAS) for different containers like plastic containers (85%), poly bag (79%) and gunny bag (78%) than after 60 DAS (69%, 61% and 56%), respectively. The percentage of abnormal seedling was increased from 10 to 24%, 14 to 31%, and 15 to 33% in plastic container, poly bag, and gunny bag, respectively, from 15 DAS to 60 DAS. The percentage of dead seed was increased from 4 to 6%, 7 to 8% and 8 to 12% in plastic container, poly bag and gunny bag respectively, from 15 DAS to 60 DAS. The vigor indexes of seedling were 14.58, 12.85 and 10.92 at 15 DAS in plastic container, poly bag and gunny bag, respectively, which attained at 10.39, 10.26 and 10.08 at 60 DAS, respectively. Several fungal infection and lesion was found during seed health tests. The results revealed that the germination percentage decreased with the increasing the storage period. So this study opined that initial moisture and storage container has significant effect on the quality of pea seeds and plastic container is the best one for storing the seeds with high benefits.

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