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The International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSpub) is an International research Journal Publisher and dedicated to publishing scholarly research paper and books in the English and believes in sharing new scientific knowledge in the field of Biological sciences, Environmental sciences, Plant & Animal sciences, Agricultural sciences, Herbal medicine, Biodiversity, Forestry, Genetics related to others areas; all over the World. All INNSpub publications are available on an online platform that concurrently belongs to many Societies, Universities and Research Institutes.

INNSpub is a scholarly academic journal publisher and a forum for scientists, researchers and academicians where scientist and experts can take their original research work and discuss it critically. It follows the peer review process in selecting research publications where the scholars and experts evaluate the research work presented and certify whether it was written as per the research norms. Researchers, academicians, and experts of a particular discipline contribute their works for broadcast and publication which are written following a well-established research methodology and research framework. It expects authors to duly acknowledge the sources of information and safeguard the copyrights.

Unique features

  • Fast-track peer-reviewed by international experts
  • Continuous and Fast nature publications
  • Open access for facilitating with a higher number of citations
  • Covered by renowned abstracting and indexing services
  • All IJB articles are assigned to CrossRef DOI number

INNSpub publishes original scientific research articles, review papers, short communications, and Books. We anticipate that our rapid production service will allow top-end research to reach its audiences even sooner.

Publishing with INNSpub (Benefit of Authors)
Publishing with the INNSpub provides the authors a wide range of benefits:

  • Widest introduction to the Global community
    INNSpub strives to promote your research to a wide audience. The scientific community and the common people can have unlimited access to all published content in ‘INNSpub journals for fully free as soon as it is published on the webpage. These journals’ broad readership gives authors the opportunity to convey the importance of their work to the wider science community in addition to specialists in their field. This way, an author will be famous around the Globe for his/her innovative and creative research work.
  • Online manuscript submission
    INNSpub facilitates its authors with a state-of-the-art manuscript submission and processing system. The system provides authors, editors, and publishing staff to conveniently go through all steps of manuscript processing online. Every step is recorded and status will show clear and the system will be monitored by trained editorial staff, available for user support on an immediate basis.
  • Faster processing time
    Modern times demand that processing times are minimized so that authors are able to publish their work quickly. INNSpub has introduced an open access system enabling authors to get their work published rapidly as per their desire. For journals with paid access, the processing times will match international standards ensuring the timely publication of quality manuscripts.
  • The high standard review process
    All INNSpub open access journals provide a high standard of peer review, selecting original research which is high quality and relevant for its discipline. Each journal is editorially independent with its own Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board who lead journal strategy and take publication decisions on all submissions.
  • Minimum processing charges
    INNSpub offers to the authors the minimum rates to get their articles published online as quickly as they prefer. Authors now do not have to wait for long publishing cues and get their work published as per their desired time frame. All manuscripts are expedited through a peer-review procedure ensuring publication of only high-quality publications.
  • Maximum indexing system
    INNSpub possesses a marketing team with hands-on experience in promoting science publications including scholarly journals and books. Building up relationships with indexing and archiving websites will ensure the maximum dispersion of published literature. Citations for high-quality papers will be ensured through indexing in agencies. Those are included in the leading abstracting and indexing services, including ISI, Medline, and Scopus. Extensive reference linking via services such as Crossref, and DOI (digital object identifier) numbers, provide seamless online linking between articles and databases.

Speech of INNSpub
INNSpub is a self-supporting independent organization and does not extend financial relations with the government and any institution or organization. Hence, the operation of the journals under ‘INNSpub’ is solely financed by the small processing fees received from authors. The processing fees are required to meet operations expenses and those costs are usually spent to produce a peer-reviewed, edited and formatted article that is ready for online publication. We believe in sharing new scientific knowledge in the field of natural sciences and life sciences all over the world. All our publications are available online that concurrently belong to many societies, universities, and research institutes.

Being open access formatted journals, authors are assured that their work is disseminated to the widest possible audience, the information available to researchers will not be limited by their library’s budget and the widespread availability of articles will enhance literature searching and facilitate meta-analyses. The results of publicly funded research will be accessible to all taxpayers and not just those with access to a library with a subscription. As such, open access could help to increase public interest in and support research.

INNSpub’s  mission
To share a piece of new scientific knowledge in the field of Natural sciences, Biology, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Microbiology, and Genetics all over the world and dedicated to the development of constructive research work.

INNSpub’s service

  • Publish Scientific Papers and Scholarly Literature
  • Ebook Publication and Selling
  • English Language Editing Service
  • Plagiarism Checking Service
  • Promote International Researcher Wetworks
  • Sponsor Research Work and Scientific Projects

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