Why Choose INNSpub


The International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSpub) is a reputed research journal Publisher and publishes papers professionally from 2010 to date. INNSpub is dedicated to publishing scholarly research papers and books globally and believes in sharing new scientific knowledge with scientific scholars in the field of Natural sciences, Biology, Medicine and Agriculture. All our publications are available on an online platform that concurrently belongs to many Societies, libraries, Universities and Research Institutes all over the world.

Highlight features:

  • Open access: All papers will be published as peer-reviewed open access
  • Rapid publication: Papers will appear online just after acceptance (within 6 to 7 days)
  • Fast and constructive peer review: INNSpub aim to complete the review within 4 days
  • Continuous publication model, which allows immediate citation of articles
  • High visibility: Papers will appear in different promotional media and reputed databases
  • High levels of author service and support

Why Choose INNSpub
International Network for Natural Sciences is the leading publisher for innovative solutions to scientists’ information needs and independently publishes high-quality peer-reviewed Research and Review articles, as well as Short communications, Project reports and Books for the Environmental and Biological research communities. INNSpub uses advanced technologies, innovative formats and first-class editing to provide timely and more informative production for researchers in the public and private sectors, Government agencies, Educators, experts and the general public.

Publishing with the INNSpub family provides an author with a wide range of benefits:

  • Widest introduction to Global community
    INNSpub strives to promote your research to a wide audience. The scientific community and the common people can have unlimited access to all published content in ‘INNSpub’ journals for fully free as soon as it is published on the webpage. These journals’ broad readership gives authors the opportunity to convey the importance of their work to the wider science community in addition to specialists in their field. This way, an author will be famous to the Globe for his/her innovative and creative research work.
  • Online manuscript submission
    INNSpub facilitates its authors with a state-of-the-art manuscript submission and processing system. The system provides authors, editors and publishing staff to conveniently go through all steps of manuscript processing online. Every step is recorded and status will show clear and the system will be monitored by trained editorial staff, available for user support on an immediate basis.
  • Faster processing time
    Modern times demand that processing times are minimized so that authors are able to publish their work quickly. INNSpub has introduced an open access system enabling authors to get their work published rapidly as per their desire. For journals with paid access, the processing times will match international standards ensuring the timely publication of quality manuscripts.
  • High standard review process
    All INNSpub Open Access journals provide a high standard of peer review, selecting original research which is high quality and relevant for its discipline. Each journal is editorially independent with its own Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board which lead journal strategy and take publication decisions on all submissions.
  • Minimum processing charges
    INNSpub offers to the authors the minimum rates to get their articles published online as quickly as they prefer. Authors now do not have to wait for long publishing cues and get their work published as per their desired time frame. All manuscripts are expedited through a peer-review procedure ensuring publication of only high-quality publications.
  • Maximum indexing system
    INNSpub possesses a marketing team with hands-on experience in promoting science publications including scholarly journals and books. Building up relationships with indexing and archiving websites will ensure the maximum dispersion of published literature. Citations for high-quality papers will be ensured through indexing in agencies. Those are included in the leading abstracting and indexing services, including ISI, Medline and Scopus. Extensive reference linking via services such as Crossref, and DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers, provide seamless online linking between articles and databases.

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