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There is increasing pressure on journals, with most experiencing increasing numbers of submissions, most editors maintain high rejection rates and it takes a long period of publication. This pressure of publishing and editorial response time has become increasingly difficult to get papers published in reputed journals within a short period. But in modern optics, the fast publication is necessary for personal careers, as well as for the reputations of universities and other research organizations. So International Network for Natural Sciences is devoted to the very rapid dissemination of original research and aims to offer to the authors the fastest possible speed of publication, without compromising on the quality of our peer-review process. We are providing a strict and standard peer-review process and the same criteria for acceptance of the article for both publishing models. The only difference between both the publishing models is the time period required to review the article. In the rapid publication, peer review will complete within 7 days and within 14 days articles will appear online after acceptance of the article on the Website.

Rapid publication of research articles is necessary because potentially it reduces the time to broadcast and expand on the author’s research work worldwide and rapid publication of research articles is essential because it dramatically reduces the time that the potential research community must wait to disseminate and expand on your research.

International Network for Natural Sciences is providing a rapid publication model for all the journals. The authors can publish their work as quickly as possible depending on their requirements and timely procedures, but in a rapid publication also the authors can retain a strict peer review process for quality ensure. We are happy to introduce a rapid publication model to all INNSpub journals. This initiative will let authors have their work published as quickly as possible, while still retaining a high-quality editorial process.

The rapid publication track allows urgent and competitive research to start peer-review immediately after submission peer review will complete within 4 days and articles will appear online on the website within 6-7 days after getting acceptance for publication of the article while a normal review of papers is completed within 7-10 days and will be published 2-3 weeks.

To facilitate speedy publication INNSpub offers a fast/rapid quality publication system for which the decision of manuscript will be reviewed/published within seven working days. Journal(s) have also implemented the rapid review system to support and boost the process of rapid publication maintaining the quality for providing quick and immediate access to recently completed work in research areas that are rapidly developing and in which there are developments with great potential impact in the broad and modern scientific community.

Fast-track peer review option
The authors can publish their work as quickly as possible depending on their requirements and timely procedures, but in the rapid publication also the authors can retain a strict peer review process for quality ensure. The manuscripts will be published online shortly after acceptance and the article proof will be mailed to the corresponding author. To avoid delays in publication, the proofs will be delivered within 5 working days and proofs should be carefully checked immediately for typographical errors as well as other mistakes in figures and returned within 2 working days. Major changes are not acceptable at the proof stage.

After the request of the author only we will start the rapid review process either during submission or after submission. If the author will not request rapid publication then the article will undergo a normal review process.

In rapid Publication the author will receive review comments within 4 days, an additional charge per article will be charged to authors after acceptance of the article. International Network for Natural Sciences has both normal publishing and rapid publishing options. Normal publishing may take up to 2-3 week’s time to receive review comments.

Timeline for rapid publication
The time frame for rapid publication

  • Submission to acceptance 2-4 days
  • Acceptance to Publication 7 days
  • Total Average Publication Time 7 days
  • Acceptance rate: 82%

Paper processing charge
It is necessary to know fast/rapid quality publication system runs with an additional publication charge. The operational charge needs to bear the over expenses of fast production & maintenance by collecting article processing charges from the author(s) or institutes or research funding bodies with the consideration of the fast publication charge frames considering the speed of progress of the article publication.

Normal publishing might take up to 2-3 weeks for the first-round review report to be available. The rapid review will be initiated only after the request of the author either during submission or by sending an email after submission. If the author will not make a rapid review request all articles will undergo the normal/regular review process.

Continuous publishing and archived issues
INNSPUB publishes articles on a continuous basis. This means that articles enter the current issue as soon as ready to publish to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in getting content publically available.

Fast track publication consideration limits
As authors can expect; we can accept a very limited number of papers under fast-track peer review; this limitation is due to the reviewer’s ability to review papers within the given time limit for the Fast Publication track.

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