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Fast quality Publication

There is increasing pressure on journals, with most experiencing increasing numbers of submissions, most editors maintain high rejection rates and it takes long period of publication. This pressure of publishing and editorial response time has become increasingly difficult to get papers published in reputed journals within short period. But in modern optics, fast publication is necessary for personal careers, as well as for the reputations of universities and other research organizations. So an active and successful researcher needs to take part in the global circulation of results and information on new technologies quickly.

To facilitate speedy publication INNSPUB offer a Fast/Rapid Quality Publication System for which the decision of manuscript will be review/publish within seven working days. Journal(s) has also implemented the rapid review system to support and boost the process of rapid publication maintaining the quality for providing quick and immediate access to recently completed work in research areas that are rapidly developing and in which there are developments with great potential impact in broad and modern scientific community.

Paper processing charge:
It is necessary to know Fast/Rapid quality publication system run with additional publication charge. INNSPUB does not get any subscription charges, membership charges etc. Operational charge needs to bear the over expenses of fast production & maintenance by collecting article processing charges from author(s) or institutes or research funding bodies. The fast publication charge frame are described in bellow.

  • International Journal of Biosciences

                                      Fast publish (150 $) & Regular Publish (100 $)

  • Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences

                                      Fast publish (120 $) & Regular Publish (80 $)

  • International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research

                                      Fast publish (100 $) & Regular Publish (75 $)

  • International Journal of Biomolecules and Biomedicine

                                       Fast publish (75 $) & Regular Publish (50 $)

  • International Journal of Microbiology and Mycology

                                       Fast publish (75 $) & Regular Publish (50 $)

Journal of International Network for Natural sciences with very high citations and globally approved by numerous Universities, Science society. Published all papers are automatically get listed in online library & Google services and highly visible to the scientific community through a wide indexing policy adopted by this online journals, that everyone can freely be access and utilize for the development of science and technology.

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