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The International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSpub) is a highly reputed independent scientific publishing network that publishes Globally open access peer review scientific papers on Biology, Environments, Agriculture, Health and Medicine, and is indexed to ISI (Thomson Reuters), Cross Reference (DOI) and many others scientific index authorities, Library & Universities.

Due to the increasing number of manuscript submissions for maintenance and quality deployment, we are currently looking for reviewers who have the expertise, experience, and interest in the appropriate topics, in order to help the Editorial Board to select only top-quality academic manuscripts for the best publication.

If you are interested in serving as an INNSpubs peer reviewer in the best academic settings such as colleges, universities, community organizations, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and international agencies. Then welcome to send an application letter to [] with biographic details and photos. We will place your details on our website as an Editor or Reviewer after getting approval.


  • The applicant must hold Ph.D. (Doctoral) degree and be part of an accredited academic institution or private research organization
  • The applicant must have good experience in his/her specific research field
  • The research field of the applicant must match the scope of our journal
  • Applicants should be willing to spend some time evaluating manuscripts

Benefits of being a reviewer panel member
Being a reviewer of a journal is truly productive, pleasant, and in fact, prestigious which helps in add-on to the scientific world through the ways and guidelines given by experts in the relevant fields. Though it is time consuming and often goes unobserved, there are some important rewards that make the reviewer panel members worthwhile. Manuscript reviewers are vital to the publication process, and as a reviewer, you will gain valuable experience in scientific publishing. You will be entitled following benefits while working with us as a peer reviewer of the journals.

  • Peer review services will enhance your knowledge of professional standards; and quickly earn the respect of your peers
  • In order to provide a good review, a thoughtful and well-balanced report with suggested improvements for our authors
  • Reviewers must be prepared to invest the necessary time to evaluate the manuscript thoroughly
  • Certificates will be provided to the Reviewer panel members for their contribution to INNSpub Journals

Reviewers are supposed to provide timely feedback on the improvement of the quality of the publication of manuscripts.
We need our reviewers to be key figures in their professions to have some experience in publishing articles and papers. A reviewer’s comment decides the acceptance or rejection of an article so they play an important role in the peer review process. All the members are requested to test out the manuscripts submitted to them without any bias to increase the quality of our journals. There is no hard and fast rule to analyzing a manuscript and it depends upon its worthiness, quality, and originality. While verifying the manuscript, you have to go through the following points (i) Detailed examination and relevance of the manuscript as per author guidelines and (ii) Careful examination of the purposes and objectives of the work carried out.

Instructions for reviewers
Reviewers are requested to review the paper based on the following criteria

  • Is originality significant?
  • Performed under ethical compliance?
  • Scientifically correct?
  • Title and abstract appropriate?
  • Are the Study plan and methods acceptable?
  • Conclusion acceptable based on the results obtained scientifically?
  • Statistically correct?
  • Are citations appropriate?
  • Length of the paper appropriate?
  • English usage correct?
  • Are figures and tables appropriate?

General considerations

  • If you have any potential conflicts of interest in the review process, you should disclose all items to the editors or decline from reviewing.
  • The comments for the authors should be aimed at improving the quality of the paper. Reviewers are requested to adopt a positive and impartial but critical attitude toward the manuscript. Criticism should be presented dispassionately; please avoid offensive remarks.
  • The reviewer’s comments should be as specific as possible. Do not include personal opinions. Comments should be numbered to facilitate the revision process for both the editor and the authors.
  • Do not make statements about the paper’s acceptability in the comments that will be sent to the author. The final decision rests solely with the editors. Please advise the editor of your recommendation using confidential comments to the editor if necessary.

We would like to thank you for your best support and spending time. Your contribution is highly appreciated by INNSpub network.

Please send an application with biographic details and photos to the INNSpubs via email ( The application asks about your position and organizational affiliation, areas of special interest or expertise, and experience as a reviewer.

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