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A comprehensive review on racecadotril drug

Review Paper | August 1, 2019

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Wajeeha Ishtiyaq, Arslan Tariq, Nasir Abbas, Muhammad Zia Ud Din, Kanwal Ashiq, Mayyda Bajwa, Samreen Tanveer, Mehwish Qayyum, Farah Abid, Saleha Yasir, Afshan Arshad, Sana Ashiq

Key Words:

Int. J. Biosci.15( 2), 405-413, August 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/15.2.405-413


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Around the globe, diarrhea is a continuing health problem and also a leading cause of sickness and death in both children and adults. It is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries and can be occurred in any age irrespective of the geological location. The chief reason of the deaths is because of electrolytes loss and dehydration by increased intestinal secretions and poor absorption. For this study, previously published papers were reviewed and key words for the search of literature, included: Racecadotril, enkephalinase inhibitor, diarrhea, oral rehydrating solutions, diarrhea treatment, infectious diarrhea, and epidemiology of diarrhea. Oral rehydrating solutions are used to recover water and electrolytes and these are considered as a mainstay of the anti-diarrheal therapy. Inhibition of fluid secretion and stimulation of fluid absorption from the intestinal mucosa is necessary in acute diarrhea, so that the loss of water and electrolytes can be prevented. Racecadotril (acetorphan) belongs to the pharmacological class of enkephalinase inhibitor. Its mechanism of action involves the minimizing of the intestinal secretions by protecting the endogenous enkephalins, which are secreted by the gastrointestinal tract. It is taken orally and proved to be safe and effective for the treatment of diarrhea in both adults and children. Racecadotril has a rapid onset of action and shows greater tolerability than loperamide in patients with acute diarrhea. Racecadotril gives better results in children and infants when taken as an adjuvant to oral rehydrate solutions (ORS) and also cut the overall cost of treatment with better outcomes.


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A comprehensive review on racecadotril drug

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