A fraction of fresh water algae of Kalpani stream and adjoining area of district Mardan, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/06/2011
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A fraction of fresh water algae of Kalpani stream and adjoining area of district Mardan, Pakistan

Musharaf Khan, Farrukh Hussain, Shahana Musharaf
Int. J. Biosci.1( 3), 45-50, June 2011.
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Present study deals with morpho-taxonomic description of 73 fresh water algae belonging to 34 genera, 25 families, 17 orders and 09 classes in Kalpani stream and adjoining area of district Mardan. Among these, 48 species (65.75%) belong to 17 genera, 12 families, 08 orders and 05 class of Phylum Chlorophyta and 09 species (12.33%) belong to 09 genera, 04 families, 02 orders and 01 class of Phylum Cyanophyta. In addition to it, 08 species (10.96%) belong to 05 genera, 05 families, 04 orders and 01 class of Phylum Bacillariophyta and 05 species (6.85%) belong to 03 genera, 02 families, 02 orders and 01 class of Phylum Ochrophyta. Furthermore, 03 species (4.11%) belong to 03 genera, 02 families, 01 orders and 01 class of Phylum Cyanobacteria. Fresh water algae are producer of aquatic ecosystem as they are source of food. Further studies are required to make extensive collection and identification of fresh water algae and other algae from various parts of district Mardan.


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