A proposed “special area” to protect the marine environment from the ships pollution in Indonesia

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Research Paper 01/11/2017
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A proposed “special area” to protect the marine environment from the ships pollution in Indonesia

J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 5), 124-130, November 2017.
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Pollution protection over the maritime environment of Indonesian from the ships presently is an important issue among the environmentalists, academicians and law makers as well as government. This research paper focuses on the protection law of maritime area of Indonesia due to high frequency of national and international ship transportations in Indonesian territory. Proposing a “Special Area” to protect the marine environment that followed by laws and regulations is a new path. This idea has been introduced in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), but it should take a new creation in Indonesian context. For this purpose, legal approach, non judicial perspective and Special Area seem give a new way of overcome the pollution problem of Indonesian maritime territory. Indonesia still does not pass the laws and regulations which prevent and protect her waters from any kind of pollution of ship transportations. It is fruitful to protect the maritime territory with environmental laws and other related regulations to support a Special Area.


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