A review on advancements in ethnomedicine and phytochemistry of Tribulus terrestris – a plant with multiple health benefits

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Review Paper 01/01/2019
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A review on advancements in ethnomedicine and phytochemistry of Tribulus terrestris – a plant with multiple health benefits

Farooq Azam, Samia Munier, Maliha Batool, Bashir Ahmad, Ghazanfar Abbas
Int. J. Biosci.14( 1), 21-37, January 2019.
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Tribulus terrestris (TT) Linn. is an annual medicinal plant that belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family. TT has been mainly planted in the subtropical regions of Pakistan, India, China, Mexico, Spain and South America. It has been extensively used to improve physical performance and sexual functions in men. All parts of the plant have been used as a traditional medicine in various regions of the world. The plant contains phytochemicals like flavonoids and saponins that possess pharmacological activities.  As an example, the saponins present in TT possess anti-proliferative and anti-tumor function. The fruit of the plant is used for the treatment of abdominal and urogenital infections. The present study aims to summarize the pharmacological, traditional, medicinal and therapeutic potential of TT.


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