A review on seaweeds and its bioactive compounds: Implication to the WIO ecosystem health

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Review Paper 01/02/2022
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A review on seaweeds and its bioactive compounds: Implication to the WIO ecosystem health

Asha S Ripanda, Deodata V Mtenga
Int. J. Biosci.20( 2), 300-313, February 2022.
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Seaweeds available in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) provide several benefits including income, nutrients, medicine and as primary producers, they are foundation species important for marine ecosystems capable of modifying their surrounding abiotic and biotic environments. The WIO coastprovides natural and necessary environments for seaweed existence. In this review article the potential of seaweeds and their bioactive compounds was investigated; their contribution to the provision of ecosystem services; medicinal and nutritional value for the wellbeing of the WIO ecosystem. It was observed that seaweeds and their bioactives have the potential to humans, other animals, agriculture, and the whole ecosystem. Therefore, for the sustainability of the WIO ecosystem, the potential given by seaweeds and their bioactives in the provision of nutrients, mitigation of health conditions, organic farming, and restoration of environments must be utilized.


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