A review on the biodiesel production, key parameters in transesterification reaction, its effects on the environment and human health

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Research Paper 01/09/2015
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A review on the biodiesel production, key parameters in transesterification reaction, its effects on the environment and human health

A. Gorji
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 3), 150-185, September 2015.
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Over the past years with the growing demand for fuel and the reduction of fossil sources and as a result the increase in fuel cost and on the other hand the issue of global hygiene and health has attracted the nations’ attention to renewable and clean energies. Biodiesel can be produced from different sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats and oil wastes using four methods, including direct and mixing application, pyrolysis, micro emulsion and transesterification among which transesterification is known as the most common method. In transesterification method, the quality of biodiesel product is influenced by oil quality, the amount of free fatty acids and water in the feed, type and amount of catalyst, type and amount of alcohol, the reaction temperature, the reaction time and the stirrer speed which has been studied in this research in detail. In this research, reactors, the effects of biodiesel production on the environment, the dissemination of the pollutants in the air and the human health, biodiesel standards, some of the available programs and the required necessities in biodiesel production, including using the waste sources like feed stocks and cheap catalysts and the attention to Microalgae potential in biodiesel production have also been studied.


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