A study on avifaunal diversity and their conservation status of PDAUM, Amjonga and its surrounding areas

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Research Paper 16/05/2023
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A study on avifaunal diversity and their conservation status of PDAUM, Amjonga and its surrounding areas

D. Chandralekha Deka*1, D. Bhabesh Nath
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 5), 87-91, May 2023.
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The study area Pandit Deendayal Upadhya Adarsha Mahabidyalaya (PDUAM), Amjonga a very beautiful and mesmerising tiny hamlet is located about the 7 kms form Dudhnoi in the Goalpara district of western Assam. The present study recorded 73 birds species in the study area indicating high diversity of avifauna in the site. The study was carried out in different season of the year i.e. premonsoon, monsoon, retreating monsoon and winter season. Analysis of Shanon –Weinner diversity index showed significant diversity at 5% level. The maximum numbers of avifauna were recorded during winter season along with 3 vulnerable species. The avifaunas of the study area are under threat due to rapid urbanization and other anthropogenic problems.


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