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A study on strain improvement of Fomitopsis feei by protoplast fusion technology

Research Paper | July 1, 2017

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S. V. S. S. S. L. N Hima Bindu, B Samatha, M. A. Singara Charya

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Int. J. Micro. Myco.6( 1), 9-15, July 2017


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Protoplast fusion technology was used for the formation of improved strain from a brown rot fungus, Fomitopsis feei and a white rot fungus, Pycnoporous sps. for the enhanced production of exopolysaccharide. Self-fusion of Fomitopsis feei and intergeneric hybridization of Fomitopsis feei with Pycnoporus sp. were researched. A combination of chitinase and lysing enzymes were used for the release of protoplasts. Fusion was successful with the formation of visible stable morphological regenerated colonies after several subcultures. Mycelial growth and hyphal size of wild species and fusants were significantly different from those of the parental strains. Although, Self and intergeneric protoplast fusants were produced successfully but were not best producers of exopolysaccharide compared to wild fungi. Even though, strain improvement towards highest production of exopolysaccharide is not successful, this study shows the possibility of fusion between these two mushrooms and could be useful in other research areas.


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A study on strain improvement of Fomitopsis feei by protoplast fusion technology

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