A survey on ovine pulmonary adenomatosis in Khuzestan province, Iran

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Research Paper 01/11/2012
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A survey on ovine pulmonary adenomatosis in Khuzestan province, Iran

Ehsan Gharib Mombeni, Zeinab Chanani, Majede Beladi Mousavi, Esmaeil Abdi, Manoochehr Gharib Mombeini, Nahid Soltani Sedeh
Int. J. Biosci.2( 11), 37-42, November 2012.
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An outbreak of ovine pulmonary adenomatosis (OPA) occurred in sheep herd of rural epidemiological unit of Ahwaz region in Khuzestan province. In the contaminated farm, seven animals with progressive respiratory disease and suffered with pulmonary lesions of OPA. In all slaughtered cases, the histology of the lungs was characterized by multiple foci proliferations of cuboideal cells in the bronchiole-alveolar epithelium. In all of them there was excess fluid in the polmunary tracts. The existence of OPA approved by histhopathological findings in lungs and field trial of positive wheel barrow test. This study may helps to identifying regional distribution of OPA in iran, when other regional studies were done.


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