Above ground biomass and carbon stock estimation of Arroceros Forest Park “The Manila’s Last Lung” using geographic information system (GIS)

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Research Paper 01/01/2021
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Above ground biomass and carbon stock estimation of Arroceros Forest Park “The Manila’s Last Lung” using geographic information system (GIS)

Juan Enrique D Macaraig, Jan Joseph V Dida, Nathaniel C Bantayan
J. Bio. Env. Sci.18( 1), 17-24, January 2021.
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In an area where urbanization is rapidly growing, carbon is slowly sequestered which clogs the ozone layer. With forest biomass, carbon is easily sequestered and stored by trees. This research focuses on the potential carbon storage of the Arroceros Forest Park, one of the last lungs of the metropolis located in the heart of the National Capital Region, Manila, Philippines. Trees with ≥10 cm diameter at breast height (DBH) were inventoried, from two (2) hectare area of site. These trees were used in the estimation of the biomass and carbon stock. The Power-Fit Equation from Banaticla (insert year), 𝑌 = 0.342 (DBH (exp (0.73))) was used in the study. Results showed that Swietenia macrophylla dominated the park. Species with highest contribution of biomass and carbon is the Swietenia macrophylla with value of 149.55t/ha. The carbon formed from this was 45%, and estimated carbon stock present is 30.59Ct/ha. Total aboveground biomass and carbon stock in the forest park is estimated at 640.21t/ha, and 130.95Ct/ha, respectively. Provided the carbon stock estimate, this could give more importance to Arroceros Forest Park in carbon sequestration. Site must be protected and enhanced to promote the important role of green spaces in Metro Manila.


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