Access to cooperative education and agricultural information by rural smallholder farmers in Tanzania

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Research Paper 11/06/2023
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Access to cooperative education and agricultural information by rural smallholder farmers in Tanzania

Gervas M. Machimu
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 6), 88-100, June 2023.
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Although the literature demonstrates that cooperatives play an important role in agriculture by providing a diverse range of opportunities, the impact on smallholder farmers remains unsatisfactory. Reviewing literature with a focus on cooperative education and agricultural information accessibility is critical for providing insights into how could contribute to global initiatives to overcome smallholder agricultural challenges. This review addresses the indicated concern in order to gain a better understanding and raise awareness. The review demonstrates that cooperative education and access to agricultural information are legitimate and effective solutions to rural development challenges. However, rural smallholder farmers prospects are limited due to a variety of factors including a lack of priority, unseemly allocation and use of cooperative education funds, erroneous choice of trainers, and limited assessment of training needs. In terms of information access, language and delivery platforms reduce opportunities for rural cooperative members and staff to advance in their farming initiatives. Addressing the challenges necessitates amicable and targeted long-term investments such as cooperative and training programs at all levels of education, information-accessible platforms with significant government support for smallholder farmers’ rural livelihood.


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