Agro-Ecological areas in Senegal affect the genetic structure of Callosobruchus maculatus F. The major pest of cowpea

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Research Paper 01/12/2017
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Agro-Ecological areas in Senegal affect the genetic structure of Callosobruchus maculatus F. The major pest of cowpea

Ange Choupette Kafom, Daouda Barry, Tofféne Diome, Adiouma G. R. J. Sarr, Mbacké Sembene
Int. J. Biosci.11( 6), 116-129, December 2017.
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The objective of this study is to characterizethe structure of populations associated with cowpea in several agro-ecological zones of Senegal, using genetic markers (sequencing) associated with Bayesian approaches such as Appoximated bayesian computation. Portions of the Cytochrome b gene of Callosobruchus maculatus L. were sequenced, using samples from agro-ecological areas in Senegal.Sequences show a rather high degree of polymorphism (hd = 0,920±0,00054;  Pi= 0,06±0,00021). Results from genetic diversity analysis reveal a higher value of variable sites, number of mutations, haplotypic diversity, nucleotide diversity and number of nucleotide differences in agro-ecological zones of North Peanut Basin (hd =0.978 ± 0.054 ; Pi=0.13825 ± 0.02291) and Senegal River Valley (hd =1.000 ± 0.052 ; Pi=0.03372 ± 0.00777), areas where cowpea is the most widely cultivated in Senegal.The largest number of mutations (134) is observed in the NBA while the lowest value is obtained from SBA (3). Fst value reveals that the more genetically differentiated populations are those of the SBA and HCSO with a very high Fst value (0.75) whereas the minimum value is encountered between the individuals of the river valley and those South Peanut Basin. Recent studies increasingly highlight the effect of climate change in agro-ecological zones on the structure and dynamics of phytophagous insect populations.


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