Agromyzid leafminers and its natural enemies on vegetables (squash and tomato) in green houses

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Research Paper 01/08/2018
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Agromyzid leafminers and its natural enemies on vegetables (squash and tomato) in green houses

Soolaf A. Kathiar, Nabaa A. Al Rada Mukuf, Saja H. AL. Abdulameer, Sawsan K. Flaih
J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 2), 353-357, August 2018.
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In Iraq, the leafminer, is one of the most destructive pests of vegetables. Vegetable crops, such as squash Curcurbita pepo L. and tomatoes Solanum lycopersicum L were surveyed to record abundance and diversity of agromyzid leafminers and their natural enemy species. Population density of these pests were studied for the period from April to June 2014 in the College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad- Abu Ghraib. Two leafminers were detected, including Liriomyza bryoniae (Kaltenbach) on squash crop and Phytomyza horticola Gaureue on tomato crop. The results revealed that infestation by Leafminer, L. bryoniae and P. horticola were initiated on leaves situated on the median level of squash and tomato plants, then on leaves of lower level. Because, adults don’t tend to lay eggs on young leaves so that reflected on larval density on these leaves. The rate of larvae numbers of tested insect through the growth season showed that squash’s and tomato’s leaves of median level were more preferred for leafminer’s larvae through the growth season. In addition, the results showed that significantly higher L. bryoniae on squash’s leaves than P.horticola on tomato’s leaves in all plant levels. Four hymenopteran parasites, including Diglyphus isaea, D. crassinervis and Neochrysocharis Formosa belong to the family Eulophidae were recorded on leafminers.


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