An overview of biomolecule nanoparticles

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Review Paper 01/04/2020
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An overview of biomolecule nanoparticles

K. Pavithra, B. Nitish, Singam Malathi, Khilifa Fathelrahman Khalifa Abdelmagid, S. Jeganath
Int. J. Biosci.16( 4), 320-330, April 2020.
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Biomolecule-Nanoparticle structure contributes novel materials for incorporating the special electrical, mechanical or catalytic abilities of nano elements with biomolecule for the detection or biocatalytic functions. Considering the future problems and identifying various potential uses of the bioparticles are the future perspectives of this field are discussed. This review examines the categories of bio-nanoparticles, their methods of production, recent developments in biomolecule incorporation and the application in the field of pharmaceuticals, biosensors and bioelectronics as well as food and agriculture of biomolecular nanoparticles. Present review attempts to explain the significant developments in the incorporation of nanoparticles with biomolecules during the past five years and the applications of the biomolecule nanoparticle composites in the pharmaceutical sector and in diagnostic field as bioelectronics and biosensors.


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