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Analyses of growth trends and production forecast of cash crops in Pakistan

Research Paper | July 1, 2016

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Amanullah Tunio, Habibullah Magsi, Muhammad Anwar Solangi

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.9( 1), 158-164, July 2016


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The objectives of present research to evaluate actual phenomena as well as to see the magnitude of future trends of cash crops in Pakistan. Thus, a time series data of last 25 years has been gathered from various official statistical reports, like Economic Survey of Pakistan, Agriculture Census Reports, where growth rate and forecast models have been applied to see their past and future magnitudes. Results show high fluctuations in the cash crop production dataset, which was due to irregular input supply as well as natural disasters in the country. Based on the growth rates, the yields of cash crops have also projected for next 20 years (upto 2034-35). Forecasted trends of the crops show that the crop production will positively grow, if inputs like land, labor and capital might be favorable. Therefore, it is suggested that introducing better farm mechanization, efficient use of irrigation, agriculture credit disbursement, better packaging services, as well as the sustainable agriculture practices may be provided to the farmers through various capacity building programs at gross root levels. Thus, it will ultimately support the farming community to improve the per acre yield of the crops.


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Analyses of growth trends and production forecast of cash crops in Pakistan

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