Anatomical study of Astragalus sect. Caprini (Leguminosae) from NE Iran

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Research Paper 01/08/2015
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Anatomical study of Astragalus sect. Caprini (Leguminosae) from NE Iran

Mohammad Reza Saghi, Azarnoosh Jafari, Zahra Yazdanbakhsh
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 2), 173-180, August 2015.
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This study has examined petiole and leaflet anatomy characteristics of 20 species of the Astragalus sect. Caprini from Khorassan Razavi Province (NE Iran) using light microscopy. For this, cross section of the fresh or dried mature petiole and leaflet were prepared and stained by differential staining. Some differences were notice in the outline shape of petioles cross section, the shape of pith, the number of collenchymatous layers and vessels, the type of sclerenchymatous tissue above the phloem and the shape of midrib and lamina. Here is suggested this study on the other species of sect. Caprini around the world. Maybe stem anatomy results can show some differences among the species.


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