Application of ISSR molecular markers in genetic diversity of three Trifolium species

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Research Paper 01/12/2013
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Application of ISSR molecular markers in genetic diversity of three Trifolium species

Parisa Aryanegad, Ezatollah Farshadfar, Hooshmand Safari, Hooman Shirvani
J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 12), 78-84, December 2013.
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Genetic variation for of 14 accessions of three Trifolium species of evaluated using 10 ISSR primers. In total 75 bands (loci) were polymorph in accessions studied. Primer IS12 with 11 bands had the highest and primer IS15 with 4 bands had the lowest number of bands. The primers of IS12, IS13 and IS10 considering polymorphism information content (PIC) were useful for polymorphism study in Trifolium species genus in the future researches. AMOVA revealed that 29% of the total variance was due to differences between species and 71% was due to differences within species. T.prateuse specie with the Shannon’s information index (I) and Nei’s gene diversity (He) had the highest variety between reviewed species, and T.hybridum specie had the lowest variety. In addition the species T.prateuse had the highest similarity with T.fragiferum. These results were confirmed by cluster analysis and principal coordinate analysis of species. Cluster analysis for reviewing accession, classified them in three groups. Cluster analysis and Scatter plot based on first and second axis from principal coordinate analysis for accessions, showed that the primers ISSR could clearly separate species and accessions of each species were placed to each other.


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