Assessing the alignment of a physical and health education program’s goals and objectives: The stakeholder’s perspectives

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Research Paper 06/02/2023
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Assessing the alignment of a physical and health education program’s goals and objectives: The stakeholder’s perspectives

Marites S. Florentino, MST
Int. J. Biosci.22( 2), 59-65, February 2023.
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In this study, the researcher aimed to determine the alignment of the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the Bachelor of Physical Education Program of the Cagayan State University in the Philippines among its stakeholders. The alignment is measured by assessing their level of awareness, acceptability, and understanding to the said preambular provisions. Their perceptions of the congruency of the actual educational practices to the provisions were also investigated. The research design was descriptive-analytical and utilized a survey questionnaire to collect data, which was then analyzed using SPSS v.20. The findings revealed that stakeholders were generally aware of the VMGO, and that internal stakeholders, particularly administrators and faculty members, demonstrated a higher level of understanding and acceptance compared to external stakeholders. Additionally, the stakeholders perceived that the educational practices of the Bachelor of Physical Education program are very much congruent to its goals and objectives. It is recommended that a study dealing on actual graduate competencies be conducted vis-à-vis the goals and objectives of the program.


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