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Research Paper | June 1, 2012

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Assessing the linkage between climate change and migration in coastal region of Bangladesh

Farzana Raihan, Monirul Islam, Mahmuda Islam

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.2(6), 32-40, June 2012


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Climate change is one of the major issues facing Bangladesh from last decades. Every year a large number of people, especially from coastal region migrate different urban areas due to different disaster which is caused for climate change. Rural- urban migration is playing a significant role in this process. Considering the impact of climate change in environmental and socio economic perspective in Bangladesh, the aim of the paper is to explore the impact of climate change on livelihoods of the people. It inspects the linkages between climate change in the coastal region and migration of people from the affected area. Finally, it shows linkages between the refugees from coastal regions and urban slums with spatial distribution pattern. The study was conducted at Shymnagar upazila of Satkhira district in the South West coast of Bangladesh. According to the study, Alia changes their income range, livelihood options and as well as decreased school going education percentage. Total 90% families from migrate groups in slums and 95% families from non-migrate people in neighborhood areas responses that natural calamities like Aila is the main caused of their migration. This over population put pressure on urban infrastructures, utilities and other services which can not handle the usual demand is again burdened with increased service requirement. Finally, a few recommendation are made to suggest the reduced of climate change and migration.


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Assessing the linkage between climate change and migration in coastal region of Bangladesh

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