Assessment of agricultural assistance for smallholder farmers with their issues and concerns

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Research Paper 03/09/2022
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Assessment of agricultural assistance for smallholder farmers with their issues and concerns

Horacio Factura, Francis Thaise A. Cimene, Ian Mark Q. Nacaya
Int. J. Biosci.21( 3), 29-35, September 2022.
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Globally, smallholder farmers only have less than 2 hectares of land but they are crucial to food security. The problem is, they always remain poor. Using focus group discussion (FGD), the study investigated issues and concerns. Results showed that the farmers have received a number of various kinds of assistance from the government which provided them with benefits however they also have sentiments about some matters. The study found out that they are highly incapable in addressing many issues surrounding them. Improving their agricultural productivity and household-level income are the main factors to reducing poverty.


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