Assessment of Arsenic (As) Contamination in Soils of Kushtia and Rangpur Districts

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Research Paper 01/05/2016
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Assessment of Arsenic (As) Contamination in Soils of Kushtia and Rangpur Districts

S. Mahmood, M.M. Ali, M.A. Baten, M. Hasan, A.K.M.S. Islam, M.A. Rahman
Int. J. Biosci.8( 5), 219-228, May 2016.
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The total arsenic (As) contents of collected sixteen soil series were determined using FI-HG-AAS (Flow Injection Hybrid Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) method to find out whether the soils were contaminated or not in soil of different series in Kushtia and Rangpur districts, Bangladesh. Besides arsenic, other elements viz. soil properties like sand, silt, clay, pH, organic carbon, total nitrogen content and exchangeable cations like Ca, K and Na were also estimated in the Soil Science laboratory at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh. Results showed that the As level of Kushtia district ranged from 12.03 mg/kg – 20.06 mg/kg. The lowest As contaminated soil series in Kushtia district was Gopalpur 1 (12.03 mg/kg) and the highest contaminated soil series in Kushtia district was Ishurdi (20.06 mg/kg). In Rangpur district, the As level ranged from 1.81 mg/kg – 6.97 mg/kg, where all the soil series were non-contaminated. Kaunia 2 (6.97 mg/kg) and Belabo 1 (5.15 mg/kg) soil series were slightly contaminated with refers a level of 6 mg/kg and Belabo 2 (4.72 mg/kg) soil series were also slightly contaminated with refers a level of 5 mg/kg. The total As contents in the different surface soils were varied mainly due to local differences in the soil types, biogeochemical activities and farm management practices.


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