Assessment of density and cultivation type on growth and yield of two cultivars of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

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Research Paper 01/07/2014
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Assessment of density and cultivation type on growth and yield of two cultivars of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Mirjalili Seyed Abbas
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.5( 1), 74-79, July 2014.
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The genus Ocimum has up to 60 species that Ocimum basilicum L. is the most important commercially species. It is cultivated throughout the world. This species often use as vegetables and health industry such as toothpaste, due to good favorite of its oil. This study was done in spring and summer of 2010 in the field about 200 m2 as 4×1m plots on two cultivars of Ocimum. Statistical design was completely randomized block design with 3 replications. Analysis of variance was done by Duncan test in 5% level by MSTATC software. Correlation coefficient analyzed by SPSS software. Results showed that the highest level of dry leaf weight, total dry weight and plant height obtained in green basil that cultivated two- row with 100 plants per m2. Leaf dry weight and total dry weight were calculated in unit area. However leaf and total dry weight decreased per plant, due to increasing plant density in unit area, whole and leaf dry weight would increase totally. Also, maximum number of spike per plant, lateral shoot and leaf area index per plant obtained in green cultivar with two-row and density of 40 plants per m2.


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