Assessment of tourism potentials and future prospects in the karakoram range of pakistan using delphi panel swot analysis

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Research Paper 01/09/2014
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Assessment of tourism potentials and future prospects in the karakoram range of pakistan using delphi panel swot analysis

Rehmat Karim, Najma Najam, Irena Mrak, Tika Khan, Mehtab Alam
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 3), 133-143, September 2014.
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Few National Parks around the world are well managed otherwise; a reasonable number of such a significant socio-ecological sites of global importance are either mismanaged due to weak planning and practices or ignored due to lack of politico-scientific negligence. Present research was aimed at investigation of potentials and future prospects of tourism in mountainous regions in general and Central Karakoram National Park in particular. Using Delphi panel discussion technique, research revealed that strengths of any sector can be taped up to materialize its opportunities may be part of an aggressive strategy. Similarly, international partners already in coordination with CKNP directorate can also help in tourism marketing of CKNP across borders. Moreover, on the same footings, economical strategy can effectively be used as strength to minimize the susceptibility towards external threats. Expert opinion suggested to developing strategies to improve the quality of tourism in the Park area is unavoidable and that can be done through public private partnership. Enhanced coordination among different stakeholders of tourism can help park management to put effective and attractive promotion through their own promotional channels.


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